Have you ever thought about what it would be like to fully express yourself with no limitations at all. Yes I know I can already hear some of you saying but I feel I do that already. This means becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings and reactions to things that happen in your life on a daily basis. These thoughts often times imprison and inhibit you from fully expressing yourself without having any afterthoughts. Why do we do this to ourselves? Because we have been programmed and conditioned throughout our life all in different ways to protect and survive so that we can continue to cope with our daily activities of life. Years of conditioning and programming ourselves to survive often times leaves people lost, depressed, trapped and feeling like they are living an unfulfilled life.

This is exactly where I found myself about 6 months ago. I wanted more, I wanted to feel at peace with myself knowing that I’m in the happiest place within my mind and spirit. I no longer wanted to feel like I was looking for something better, unsatisfied with myself. Don’t get me wrong, I have a fantastic life, loving husband, two beautiful children, and the million dollar family as they call it. I have a successful career, my husband does as well and we basically live well. I didn’t feel depressed, I was just longing for more satisfaction in life, and I wanted to feel freedom within my mind. I always struggled with worrying about what everyone else said, put other people first before myself so that I felt liked by everyone. So anytime something went wrong I always internalized and made it about me. What could I have done differently? How come people don’t understand me? I often times felt like I said the wrong things that would upset someone else or they would take offence to my wording. My mind is always thinking and moving constantly.

Approximately six months ago I had the opportunity to attend some yoga training. I was so completely excited, like I felt something was coming and it was big but I didn’t know what it was. I completed the training but during this process I became closely connected with a friend. It was then I discovered that I was going through a spiritual awakening. What? What does that mean? I began to quickly understand that what I wished for was coming true. Did I actually manifest this? Apparently I did, I remembered a while back asking for help, I wanted to feel freedom within my mind, body and spirit. But not only that I wanted my family to be a part of it as well. This realization brought on full force tears, but not tears of sadness, they were tears that I was being guided. The journey I had begun was about to unfold before my eyes. The connections I made with certain people were not by chance they were put in place to support and surround me with what I needed to continue. I truly believe everything happens for a reason, we may not understand the reason as its happening but in the end the answers always fall right in front of us if we are willing to see them. That’s the key, you have to be willing to see and be aware. The work comes within, and as you open up your heart to receiving the guidance knowing that everything will fall into place. Trusting is the most difficult part. This blog will be about sharing my realizations and working through past issues in hopes that other people may benefit from hearing my story. My posts will represent who I really am without holding back any emotions involved. You will see as I venture into these experiences I will share other gateways that open up my true gifts and abilities. I’ve already experienced increased intuitive abilities, visions that I see into the future and connecting with spirit on a whole new level. It’s about discovering who I really am and accepting and loving every part of my life in the present moment. If all this sounds familiar to you then I encourage you to continue to follow my posts and share similar experiences so we can grow together in reaching freedom within our mind, body and spirit.

P.S.  I tend to write whatever comes to my mind.  This blog is not about being grammatically correct.  So if you can look past that, please read on and enjoy! Also this blog thing is so very new to me so if you have any informative suggestions please fire away 🙂

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