WEEK#9 Nude Yoga Challenge into Self-Acceptance! This week was a real eye opener for me as I searched for the reasons why I should continue this challenge. I thought about quitting as I had this conversation in my head saying that I felt people weren’t as interested anymore or getting bored with my posts. My only conclusion to this was a decrease in engagement of the posts in the last two weeks. Dani encouraged me to ask myself what was my original intentions when I started this. My answer was to free myself of confinement and take my power back that my abuser took away from me. I want to share my story and help others deal with the wildness that goes on inside their heads when we don’t share, expose ourselves, challenge our thoughts and be vulnerable. Vulnerability is beauty, power and strength. All I know is when I see vulnerability it makes me love that person even more. Nothing more beautiful than being true and authentic within your whole being. Jeff and I were driving back from Toronto and I asked him if he wanted to stop for a picture and I told him I’d love to walk across a bridge. With the right timing we landed up in French River on the snowmobile bridge…I thought wow these are going to be perfect! I was happy and giggly and had no problem posing only to get back to the car and see that all of the pictures had exposure of parts I didn’t want shown. Then I came across this one and I was like I can’t use this one it isn’t a yoga pose. As I contemplated everything and the experience, this picture actually truly captured the moment as I was dancing in the snow because my feet were cold but I was still having fun! I thought to myself am I done or am I wanting to quit because I feel that I need to re visit where I want to go next with this. I still want this challenge to help me grow as well as others but maybe steering it in way that others can follow on a different platform that keeps me humble to the experience of it all and not so focused on engagement. I believe the bridge picture represents the other side for me and letting go of the past and moving forward. Talhia said to me sometimes we have to swing to the opposite end of the spectrum to know where we need to find the balance. This is where I’m headed. So for the next few weeks I will attach my blog to my posts where you can find my weekly pictures and story for the week. I will eventually use less of Facebook and Instagram. If you like what you see then you can remain to follow me weekly as we continue to explore further into self-acceptance. So much love Nicole 💜


  1. Lovely lady it’s not the size of your tribe that matters or the word count they post – it’s the depth of their commitment. I would take a bullet for you if you needed me to and know the rest of your tribe would too. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve been brief these last few weeks because I’ve been doing my chicken with its head cut off routine of trying to make things perfect “for the holidays” but that’s a topic worthy of its own blog! It’s an important journey – we are here. Signed – “a loving member of your tribe”.

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