So here it is my friends, I have always had a difficult time with my body image. I’ve struggled as a teenage girl who was sexually abused and never had the opportunity to experience growing up as a sexually healthy teenager. Recently in May 2018 was diagnosed with PTSD from this teenage trauma I experienced. I kept it a secret for over 30 years! I wake up most mornings criticizing my body image and have never embraced my body as something beautiful and free. Today I chose to not let my story define me but rather embrace the freedom to flourish into becoming who I really am because of it. I am now turning 45 in December and have chosen this amazing challenge of self acceptance. I will be posting nude yoga postures that have been done tastefully. I invite anyone else to challenge their comfort zone and self expression. Let’s be free together!!! Photo credit goes to my best friend in life Dani Tarini

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So these are the other photos that were taken Friday the beginning of my self acceptance journey! Behind the scenes story for that day. I woke up feeling like I didn’t want to face the world that day, just wanted to stay in bed. I had signed myself in for a yoga class and I believe in showing up when I commit to something so that’s what got me out of bed. I went to class and told Dani about the nude yoga challenge I was going to do and she said okay let’s go in the studio and get this party started…lol. Off we went, I made rules though, she wasn’t aloud to look until I was in posture and I needed a blanket to cover me in between postures. In each posture I did catch myself being embarrassed and picking on my less favourable body issues. The beauty was I was seeing how I was communicating with myself inside. I have committed to weekly naked photo shoots every Friday with each week I challenge myself with constantly covering up and not allowing another female look at me naked. I’ve always changed behind closed doors in public changing areas. I will continue to challenge the thoughts and allow my true self to shine through. 

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  1. Gorgeous. How difficult it must have been to open yourself up and being vulnerable. So brave.
    “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. Oscar Wilde”

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