WEEK#2 Nude Yoga Challenge
This week was actually very interesting as to how it all happened. It was much easier to take my cloths off and get into the posture because I had less time to think about it as opposed to last week where I felt shy and embarrassed. This week the negative feelings came when I looked at my picture. I immediately started picking out all my flaws such as I didn’t like that my arm looked big, I could see ripples and my back had bunched up fat. I was really feeling self conscious. When I turned to Dani and said this is terrible she looked at me with two heads…lol. And she asked me what I saw so I told her. She didn’t see any of the flaws that I saw. She actually made me pick three things I liked about the picture instead. This was a very difficult task and I did pick three things such as that I like the placement of my back foot, the position of my head and my extended arm on the floor reaching for dear life…lol. It doesn’t matter what size you are if you don’t believe you are beautiful it doesn’t exist in your eyes. We don’t see what others see in us! The belief stems from starting to love yourself slowly, elegantly and softly! I’m loving this challenge regardless of what it brings up. It is truly making me realize so many things. Thank you for all your support and listening to my story.

#twosoulsyoga #sudburyyoga #metoo #nudeart #nudeyogaart#positivechange #limitingbeliefs #compassion #learningtolovemyself#selfacceptance #selflove #selfcompassion #honesty #bekindtoyourself#itsajourney #nojudgement #nofear #noshame #noguilt #believeinyourself#friendssupportfriends

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