WEEK#4 Well this week was a leap and adventure into nature. It wasn’t planned which is where the true beauty is. Jeff, Karli and I took the dogs for a walk. I felt playful that morning so on our walk I said let’s do some pictures outside. I found this beautiful pond that had these white flowers growing out of them. Just like the lotus flower such beauty growing from a place of mud and swampy water. Karli resisted at first but the more I talked about the reasons why it’s okay and not to be ashamed of your body she agreed. She has such great talent with the camera. Off I go naked walking into the middle of the cold swampy pond. Each picture Karli took I resisted the temptation to ask and look at them. As I was getting dressed the first thought in my mind was I wanted to ask her if they looked good and if I looked fat in them….I STOPPED MYSELF! At the end she handed me my clothes and said I got some really good shots mom. I felt so proud in that moment. My husband hugged me and said I’m proud of you especially for someone who won’t even pee outside…lol. When I looked at the shots I was in amazement how she had positioned the flowers to cover the areas I didn’t want exposed. I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. My daughter took these. I felt so much TRUST that day, I was able to expose myself but knew that I was surrounded by my people that would take care of me. Trust has been a huge issue for me, lack of to say the least. Leaps and bounds this week. Thank you for following and listening 💜

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