WEEK#5 Nude Yoga Challenge into Self Acceptance

This week was really hard and dark. I actually wrote my feelings out before the photoshoot. I don’t feel that words can justify my level of triggers and emotions this week regarding worthiness and my battles with hierarchy within the human race. One being I lost my worth as I was abused and had to keep it a secret and was not protected as a young teenager. I repeatedly questioned my worth knowing that I am not supported in this journey by some people and for their reasons not mine but the conditioning to feel not worthy of recognition and support is deep rooted. I had to make myself understand that not everyone can face fears that are triggering within them and I needed to reprogram and make my heart understand this, it was hurting a lot. And then their comes the hierarchy system of belief and action. As that young teenager I was taught that I was powerless because of my inferiority. I made the link this week that’s why I buck this idealism that people feel the need to express their roles and experience as something better than another’s. I’ve caught myself using my age as a way of experience and knowledge of life. I realize how wrong this is, where did we go wrong in thinking that we have more to offer someone than another. I solely believe a new born baby can teach a grown adult many lessons so why is it that we don’t carry this concept throughout our entire lives? The real power lies in allowing the natural unfolding of life and seeing each person that walks into our lives as a great teacher. My abuser lead me to believe that I was of less value than he was and that’s what held me captive. As I expand my wings and see how great I really am those people that share in honesty within themselves will be able to set aside the hierarchy of life and choose to grow because of that universal pull in knowing we are all equal. Which picture do you feel most drawn too this week?.

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