WEEK#6 Nude Yoga Challenge!

Saturday we were out of town for Karli’s hockey and a great part of these weekends is socializing. I had been working on one of my courses regarding trauma and realized many things as I worked through the material. After the game on Saturday we were driving home and I became very quiet and angry. I couldn’t understand the anger and then the tears surfaced and as I got back to the room I jumped into bed in the fetal position and started uncontrollably crying and what came out was that I realized I had always went against the grain. Knowing I have to socialize always gave me anxiety and I forced myself. I now see and accept what I have turned into because of the sexual abuse, I will no longer go against the grain. Jeff talked me through the anxiety asking me questions and then giving me real answers. Nicole you can make the choice to stay in tonight. Then in his silly way told me he was going to start his own therapy group called soft facial massage as he ran his fingers down my face, snot, tears and all. I hate having my face touched so for him he thought this was quite funny and told me it was good therapy for me. Oh boy 😝! I realized at that moment I needed to spend time with me connecting and accepting with open arms who I am and who I have become. Monday I did something for myself for the first time, I choose to take care of my back pain in a different way and received a spinal injection. Learning to give myself exactly what I need mentally and physically to take care of me, I no longer need to suffer mentally and physically. So for me this week was rising out of the darkness to see the light on the other side knowing that it isn’t selfish to take care of me. For the first time this week in our photo shoot I looked at my picture and the first thing I said was oh I like the look of my bum in this one. Dani said to me hey did you see what just happened there? You immediately saw the good side of you first. WOW how incredible is that. The photo shoot was fun and uplifting and I was able to move comfortably. What a beautiful week! Thank you for all your support, please keep sharing. Much love ❤️

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