WEEK#7 Nude Yoga Challenge into Self-Acceptance!

How do we find calm, patience and stillness in the midst of chaos? This week I learnt that I really hate myself when I can’t control my surroundings. I get hit with anxiety, tension, lack of patience, anger, outbursts where I just want to scream 😱and sometimes I do 😳. Control has always been a huge target of my anxiety, I need to have a sense of order. Order makes me feel at ease. My children have tested and challenged my need and sense for order over the years. For the first time I’ve realized that this is my issue, and when it doesn’t happen I beat myself up and lash out to relieve my frustration at home. I don’t like this about myself and struggled to think how can I learn to love myself more when I break down. It came to me one step at a time. Noticing when my world seems to be in chaos, I now see that it won’t always be this way…this too shall pass. Learning to really sit well and find comfort in the discomfort of chaos. There are always going to be blue skies ahead. As Dani says to me “what will help you right now in this moment”? I’m starting to really understand what that means. Close your eyes, breathe, feel your body and start to dream. What do you want to feel like? A sense of calm is a state of mind. I know this well as a yoga teacher but often times forget where I am and what I need in those moments of distress. We can all help each other with asking “what do you need in this moment?” What is your go too immediately when you are feeling overwhelmed? 

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