WEEK#8 Nude Yoga Challenge into Self-Acceptance

Have you ever been so stuck on the thoughts in your mind that you truly believe them as truth and cannot see it any other way? This week I came to realize understand the depth of developmental trauma and how it molds us. A big test of trust this week as I was challenged by my best friend, I overheard a conversation with her husband in my house. Without going into detail, I immediately went into the negative thinking trap, where I believed they were judging me. That lead to I’m not asking for help anymore to I need to escape and hide because I was angry. As I created the story in my head it got worse and worse until I shut down. At that point I could hear my therapist say Nicole you need to find the opposite emotion to what you are feeling and resist the temptation to run 🤬I cursed and sat Dani down and for the first time I exposed myself and told her what I heard and how I concluded the story in my head. I was at a stuck point even though she attempted to tell me what really happened I didn’t believe her . In my mind no one can be trusted, my head always tells me the right things…lol. How do we challenge these thoughts? We ask questions to ourselves trying to bring the logical brain into action. It took me three days of stewing over it before I came to terms of why would my best friend betray me?….my conclusion, she wouldn’t! That was a really hard concept to accept and trust. My realization is don’t believe the thoughts in your head without legit evidence, ask questions, bring logic into perspective. WE DONT ALWAYS HAVE THE RIGHT ANSWERS! Don’t assume. We constantly want to believe we are in the drivers seat at all times when in reality we really aren’t, sometimes we need to be the passenger and look around to investigate and see all the other details that the driver misses while driving. This week I stepped into another gateway of self realization, I flipped my perspective and took some time to see things upside down. I walked myself through another door of healing…such proud moments. Do you relate and recognize your own tendencies? Much love Nicole ❣️#believeinyourself #twosoulsyoga

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