You ever have those weeks where something comes out of no where and your like what just happened…lol. I’ve been strangely happy the last couple of weeks and feeling so much better about everything. Accepting who I am, feeling strong and liberated in my beliefs, loving what I do and looking forward to so much more. Then out of no where i was challenged by something that was said to me. At first I was shocked and really kind of taken back because truly I could not understand where this person was coming from. When I heard the words come out of this persons mouth saying that I had projected my heart pain into this person I needed a few days to really analyze these words spoken to me. As an empath I understood the conversation but couldn’t relate to what they were feeling because my intention in this situation was sending unconditional love from what I had learnt from Victor. This bothered me so much that I spoke to my therapist about it. During this session I had an incredible ah ha moment where I discovered that when you feel harm is at you or that there is an incredible amount of energy that takes away from you to deal with something simple then those are not your people in life. I’ve always struggled with being liked and accepted by everyone and now I understand that those individuals that I feel stressed to have a relationship with aren’t my people. I don’t want drama in my life anymore. It’s no longer important to have to please everyone because I’m afraid of what they will do or say about me. Those are not my people. This was really hard for me to come too this conclusion I just always thought you take it to please therefore you will be liked. That constant urge to make sure everything is okay because I don’t want friction. It reminds me of when I was a teenager being abused and thinking everyone was against me and I needed to stay above water just to breathe. Letting go of the past is so difficult when it took 30 years of building that certain character all to just trash it and start over. This starting over has been the best days of my life even though some of the hardest at times so worth it. I’m just so grateful for seeing all these things. This weeks picture represents exactly where I am at this moment in time. Feeling strong, feeling very supported by my people and the work that I’ve done to get here. There is a beautiful softness as well, I know In my heart how I feel at all times because I allow myself to go there, I’m not afraid, and I’m not afraid to voice it! A few days later I had the most wonderful experience with one of my people, two hearts coming together to share in their own sadness but together. Imagine this just like in the movies, we are talking and both start to get emotional and then automatically grab each other to hug crying and literally drop everything that was in our hands. It was an incredible moment of sharing space and time together. What an amazing way to show such pure love, honesty, rawness, sensitivity, compassion all in one hug. It was beautiful. Don’t you think the sequence of events that happened this week are quite interesting. I am thankful, I am blessed, I am loved. Much love Nicole xoxo


  1. I have always believed that in life you will meet many many people…I try my best to be kind everyday…some people will adore you and some people for no apparent reason are not part of your life puzzle…it isn’t anything you have done…you can try and try and you just don’t fit…I decided a long time ago not to try to figure that out…just smile and be kind and move on to a puzzle piece that fits!!❤️

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  2. That is exactly you what I was struggling with and had to take a step back to re-evaluate my life and how I related to it. I’ve made many changes are well and not looking to find acceptance in everyone. I dont say but if you get to know me you will see I’m a nice person. I just move on. As an empath as well, there were many rough lessons and difficult decisions. I am learning so much from you as well. Thank you, thank you for the beautiful blogs and enlightenments . Love you always


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    • Yes I certainly agree as this does happen to everyone. It’s all about figuring out what we know makes us feel good. Sharing in other people’s energy is beautiful but can also be very overwhelming too. It’s actually quite interesting when you pay close attention to your interactions from people and how it makes you feel. I will continue to be a pleaser but more wisely 🥰

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  3. I love you, I am grateful for you and I am so elated that you continue to share in your journey with all of us. Your commitment to yourself motivates me to step out of my shell, to be vulnerable and kind towards myself; to be me. Your words inspire me to reflect upon my own journey and to ask for help when I need it; to pause and tune into what I need. Your grace and dedication to providing love and understanding to all those around you is constantly making the world a better place. This photo of you is absolutely stunning Nicole! It shows balance, grace and strength… gorgeous! Sending tons of love today and always! Thank-you for being you! 💜

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    • Thanks for all your feedback, your continued support keeps reminding me of the importance of moving forward. We align our energies for this very purpose and attract each other according to what we need. You are a true blessing in my life, I am so glad I have met you!

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