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Month: February 2019

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Have Fun with Yourself

Good morning 😂. What do you think of my song choice? I was giggling. Today waking up was all about choosing me first. What if I loved myself before anything else in this world? What if we had fun with ourselves? What does that look like to you? Today have fun with yourself, not using anyone else to help you. […]

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A moment of grieving

Today I woke feeling a little heartbroken, just grieving a loss of someone I cared about dearly! I had to do something special for myself! This definitely helped and feeling like I can tackle this beautiful sunny day. Did you notice my sidekick Oreo on the couch? She loves sun bathing! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE ♥️

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You are my accountability, I’m posting so I keep practicing because it is so good for me. Look for things in life that will support you and when you don’t feel it, reach out ask for that reason why. The hardest part is getting started and keeping it active in your mind. Set yourself up for success in whatever you […]