This week I’ve been thinking a lot about perceptions, the ways of society, how we were raised to think and believe certain truths and standards. I’m learning to think outside of the box a little more. What I feel works for me and what makes me feel good about myself, and having less motivation to keep old ways of thinking. Much less fear of what others think and more concentration on how I feel. Stopping and taking the time to evaluate situations. I’ve had a couple of moments this week where I have said something that reveals that I think against the norm. At those moments I began to question myself if that was the right decision only to learn and understand that it was okay, those were my moments of stepping outside of the box and truly showing what my beliefs were. I’ve always been afraid of not being understood, saying the wrong things, voicing an opinion that others don’t believe. This was scary for me so instead I would keep things to myself out of fear. I never wanted to stand out as being different from the rest of the tribe. I desperately wanted to fit in. I understand now that I wasn’t meant too, all these years I’ve been going against the grain and tried so hard and it took so much energy from me. I had a friend message me last night from grade school and we got chatting on what it felt like during those years of our life. It turns out I was being desired and looked up too and all I remember was feeling like I never belonged. At one point she said to me “you know your beautiful eh”. I froze and changed the subject, I realized after what I had done. I need to start accepting those compliments. So interesting! This weeks picture is about flexibility in our beliefs and thoughts. Even though I’m very flexible in other ways with my body in other ways like frog pose I’m not and I struggle. I see this as a way of opening my mind to exploring and being more flexible in my thoughts and letting go of holding onto different concepts that no longer serve me. When we don’t live according to what our soul purely is, life needs to teach us how to get back there. These lessons are true, honest and always for our higher good. I challenge people to have a real hard look at your life, your standard beliefs, the material things that you think you need and why? Even when I feel I’m hurting I question and challenge the thoughts and emotions that are attached. It’s okay to hurt inside but for me it’s not okay to take that hurt out on someone. I grew up thinking it was okay to stay mad or upset with someone until they gave in because that showed I was strong in my beliefs. Wow when I think back all those years and even having times during my marriage where I ignored my husband for days on end because I was upset instead of talking about it. I always kept everything inside and let it fester. These are the times we need to question ourselves. Talk your stuff out, what are you afraid of? The other persons reaction is their business not yours. There is a way to communicate in a loving and honest way. Try not to belittle someone when you think you know more or they have rubbed you the wrong way. Question yourself why is this rubbing me the wrong way, what is it that I need to learn from this conversation or situation. Return to loving yourself and getting to know you on a more intimate level. Every path you cross has intricate meaning to your life. People can teach us many different things, people can teach us how we want to be, people can show us how we don’t want to be and see this as a gift. Separate your emotional attachment before you interject and make decisions. Only when the mind comes from a calm place we find love in every way of life. What kind of gifts have other people helped you see about yourself?  Much Love Nicole xoxo

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