When I look back at the week I have nothing but great feelings. I got out more often, I had some really heart to heart conversations with people and mostly I was brutally honest with myself. Something I realized this week is that I put myself first in a lot of instances, I noticed me, my work ethic, my ability to keep going, and I’m learning to love myself without expectations. I put away the “if I was only a little smaller, if I was only a little more in shape, if I only had no cellulite my life would be better. No it doesn’t get any better than this present moment. I stopped and looked into the mirror this week and saw a completely different person. Someone who was willing to accept themselves for today and not for what tomorrow will bring. I’m not blinded by my imperfections but I see them as strengths. I’ve stopped waiting for all this to get better and instead embracing what is happening. Do you ever get those moments when you look in the mirror and your reflection reminds you of someone you know? Have you ever noticed if it triggers anything about how you feel at the time? Do you notice changes in your behaviours, tolerance, patience, your interactions with other people because you have these thoughts in the back of your head? This week I challenged those moments, I took a look deep within and allowed myself to see what my head was telling me about myself. This week we chose to do my picture in the new studio with intentions of knowing it wasn’t finished. As I asked myself are we ever ready, are we ever complete, are we ever perfect? We can see so many versions of completeness in our own individual perceptions. I’m starting to see each day as that opportunity to experience something new within my physical body and mental mind without comparison. Look past the weight, look past the cellulite, look past the hair, look past the cloths we put on our bodies. When we undress ourselves at night are you happy with who you were that day. Did you give it your all, were to kind to yourself and kind to others, did you experience LOVE? I have attempted to get out everyday, be proactive in moving but also listening attentively when my mind and body gets tired. These small changes have made me a much happier person inside. Surrendering to the unknown and knowing the universe has my back. It’s essential in the growth of who I am as a person and what my lessons are here to learn. When we surrender we can open up the scene and embrace the broader picture. There is no such thing as bad things but only good if we choose to see this. It’s difficult sometimes and our perceptions get clouded by others opinions and how the world operates and assumes we need to be a certain way to fit in. This weeks picture represents so much more than I can explain. I stood there for the first time balancing on my bad leg without even noticing until it was all over. I rejoiced inside as I realized that was such a huge accomplishment. I wrapped my hands and arms around my beautiful body that has been through so much. It has supported me in the darkest of days and the brightest of days. It’s never left my side. As I balance through this difficult time I can also see the beauty. I got to notice how powerful my mind really is. Even though I physically cannot teach classes I have continued to run my business from my bedside and getting into the studio. The things people don’t see behind the scenes. I thank my partner in crime Dani as we have kind of switched roles in a lot of ways. I am truly proud of the both of us. I’m so grateful for so many things. I got to experience being with my gramma on her 98th birthday, and Karli on her 15th birthday. My gramma is incredible, still lives in her own apartment, cooks her own food etc. I got to see my mom who has brain cancer and we all got to spend time together, 4 generations celebrating life, such a beautiful thing. So much to be thankful for, ups, downs and everything in the middle. Thank you universe for the wonderful week. Much love Nicole xoxo


  1. Why do we women continually torture ourselves by being our own worst enemy…what I have learned is you need to stop standing in your own way and embrace the moments…I believe your light bulb has come on!!! It might flicker sometime but keep on keeping on…you have a corner of cheerleaders even if you don’t see it sometime!!! Isn’t that marvellous!❤️

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  2. It is very hard to show the world your flaws but your body no matter the size is not a flaw. We must all learn to love ourselves no matter what. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be smaller or bigger as long as you love yourself and your body at every stage you are presently at and beyond.

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