I am an empath and some days the energy you receive either in person or far away can be a struggle. In most cases you know and can feel that something isn’t right then your intuition kicks in and feeds you an entertaining story to go along with it. Why people act, do, say or not say the things they do. I feel it all. Sometimes it’s disheartening when you loose people around you because others are so influential over others. I have to remind myself over and over again those aren’t your people. Anyone that is influenced by another isn’t supposed to be with you. But sometimes it’s not easy when we loose friends or people we thought were our people. I say anyone that is influenced by another doesn’t have their own mind in check. Please correct me if I’m wrong and I’m not talking about people that are seeking professional help because that’s in an entity of its own. As I keep walking forward and finding my groove things keep changing for the better. So much less judgement upon myself therefore so much less judgement upon others. I don’t care what anyone says if you judge yourself you definitely judge others we just say we don’t because judging others makes us feel like we are bad people in most cases. If we all got a pocket book on how life should be then we would all be doing the same thing striving for perfection and how boring would that be. There aren’t any rules but for some reason society in different places of the world have made these supposed rules that make us judge others that don’t follow the same rules. Those people live in the box of their perceived perfection. I thank goodness I no longer live there, it wasn’t my place of true authenticity. We are all students, we are all educators, we are all here to teach and learn things from others. The moment we put that guard up thinking that another has nothing to offer us or to teach us something about ourselves or the world those are the moments that we have closed off our ability to grow. My happiness has been growing like wildfire, I’m seeing such profound love in everything. All these milestones I have been living through have shown me and opened my heart to a greater awareness far beyond I ever thought was possible. The more I open up and do as I please the more I find myself. This week for the first time I pierced my nose and I no longer was searching for pain to gratify me. I did the piercing because I thought it was so pretty and I felt it looked so dainty. I was amazed when I realized for the first time I wasn’t inflicting pain to make myself feel better, I did this piercing for a whole different reason. This weeks picture represents happiness, a new found wealth of freedom, a place in my skin that I love to be. Weeks ago I wouldn’t have been able to get deep into Malasana(Hindi Squat) and now I can with some gentleness, patience and kind words to myself. It’s amazing how much we can flourish within when we find and connect deep within our soul. My dedication to Yoga Nidra(meditation) is really paying off. It is allowing me to grow from the inside out instead of the outside in. I’m literally reversing the process and seeing what this life can really do for me and my purpose as I move through each day living my best life. Much love, Nicole xoxo

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