I am a HERO and I am surrounded by so many of them as well. This week pose truly reflects the hero in me as I demonstrate supported hero. I know I can’t do everything myself right now and I do need support and have realized how easily accessible it really is when I’m just open to it. People want to help just as much as I enjoy helping others. As I support myself with the right people around me I flourish each week with amazing different experiences. I have the best life. I’ve finally come to realize that it has nothing to do with my physical body, it has nothing to do with what I have, it has nothing to do with what others say. When we loose a lot of those things it helps us realize the depth of our soul, the true meaning of who we are. You see I was always afraid people wouldn’t like me if I didn’t dress a certain way, if I wasn’t slim to the perception of my eyes, if I didn’t look pretty. The social rules that brainwash every person on this earth by culture and by the different part of the world we live in. As I keep changing and finding myself further and further I discover all the false perceptions. I was so afraid this week one of my friends didn’t want to be friends with me because I had gained so much weight. I didn’t look the way I usually do. I expressed this which was a huge turning point for me and her response was Nicole I don’t love you for your body I love you for your beautiful soul, your character your beliefs etc. I was completely floored. My head almost told me not to believe it. I also asked her what her favourite yoga pose was as I was inspired and felt that she was going to lead me into what I needed to do this week. Sure enough she said sleeping hero, I was omg that’s it. So that’s where my inspiration came from. This week I also got news of my surgery date Monday September 30, and what better timing knowing I was going to get the rest of my dreadlocks finished. Again it was a wonderful trip with my bestie. On our way back we ran into some funny moods. As we entered the bathroom at one of the rest stop Dani started petting my arm and so I started the purr like a cat. One comment led to another inappropriate comment ending in something not so tasteful…lol. As we continued that conversation I came out to wash my hands and then as I turn around I see someone come out of the bathroom. I was mortified, embarrassed and couldn’t believe someone had been in the bathroom. Lesson learned check the stalls under like a creap before continuing a crazy conversation that will leave you speechless in embarrassment. It was the best laugh in a very long time. So here we go another week with strange but such amazing learning. I am so inspired and love what I do and how I’m able to outwardly speak and share my stories. It is getting easier and easier and involving so much fun. On a different note I had this feeling tell me that I was going to die in all of this. As I discovered and searched more within I saw it as a message letting me know I will shed the death of my old body feeling so much pain. I am leaving my physical sense of pain and gaining strength through this experience as a reward in finding and experiencing life without pain. What a message and evolution to see the birth of the new me. Have a fantastic most beautiful week ahead, id love some prayers and good vibes for Monday as I go into surgery and come out a completely different person with no pain. Life with no pain how exciting!!! Much love Nicole xoxo

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