My very first poem ever outside of being forced to write them in high school. As I was sitting here having my morning coffee in my moms chair I was told to pick up the pad and paper and this is what came out! Let me know what you think.

Passing on to live forever

I sit here in contemplation

Wondering what happened

If only I could have one more moment

My mind races

If only I could see you one more time

Life is powerful

You were powerful

Your love was meant to be as it did

You were sent to us

Each and everyday you were bonded

So many memories to choose from

So many life experiences to talk about

Is this for real?

Is it really all over?

Forever you will live

Forever you will be

Forever we will love you

As life turns and goes on

You will forever be in our minds and hearts

As a mother should you will never be forgotten

You see our soul sets us free

To be wild and live on

For you will never be forgotten

You will live forever and ever

In our hearts you will grow

More and more each day

Be open, be free, live on to eternity

You see my dear momma we will love you forever

Love Nicole xoxo


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