Wow this week was all about pushing forward and giving myself permission to do this. We often get stuck and sucked into our own self that we forget about all the beauty that exists around us. The trees after the storm this week showed such brilliance with their treetops bent over with the heaviness of the snow like they were going to snap at any moment but most of them don’t. They show their resiliency by accentuating their beauty in the midst of the storm. We as humans do the same we are powerful, we can withstand a lot of pressure, change and trauma. The beauty in this is how we carry ourselves in the midst of the storm and how we can see what the storm can offer us, a new sense of growth, a different look and appearance as we truly come into ourselves. So even though I’m experiencing all this pain and scary trauma memories I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and because of that my life is changing and moving forward in a beautiful new direction. I’ve started to tap into my creative side that hasn’t been touched in many years because I’ve been way too busy with life to understand that my deepest heart and soul desire was to stay connected to my true self expression. I have been taking these most amazing pottery classes, diving my hands into the clay as it spins on the wheel can be so hypnotizing taking me into a different world as I meditate at the wheel making this beautiful creation and expression of me. As a young girl I remember hating getting my hands dirty only because being dirty meant you weren’t clean not realizing the whole meaning behind throwing clay onto a wheel and seeing it change right before your eyes is absolutely magical. So many experiences I can talk about that have almost brought me to tears. I’m learning I’m really learning for the first time how important it really is to take care of myself and choosing myself doesn’t mean I’m selfish or don’t remember others. It just means I have so much more to give when I replenish me before anyone else. If only the world understood the power in that phrase we wouldn’t have so much hatred. You see I’m not interested in learning how much someone else can teach me I’m more interested in learning how much I can teach myself about me. When we learn that ultimately knowledge is here nor there and most people work in a state of ego when they are trying to teach others because the hierarchy of life comes into play. When a person aims to teach more about finding yourself then that’s a beautiful thing. You see that’s all I want is for people is to come into their own light not by what I have to teach them with my knowledge but more of what can I do to help them see the light within them and how can they learn to choose themselves first. A gentleman said to me this week that he was tired and worn out by what people think of themselves and how they try to convince others that they are the leaders in their field of work. It really got me thinking about leadership and how some people assign themselves as these people that know more than others therefore have much more to offer than others. Well I have to say that really doesn’t fit well with me. We all have the capability to teach others about themselves. My question is what the intent behind the ego to think you are the best at what you do??? Ego driven work gets you no where but stuck in a rut. Eventually the right people feel these things and question the intent behind it. All I mean is how about we lead with a pure heart one that is open to seeing the world as a place to grow whether you are a student or a teacher. Find yourself first don’t let someone lead that path for you. We are all meant to shine in our own light not under the light of others. So this weeks movement is forward as I sit in a seated posture and point in the direction I want to go. I want to always lead with my heart and never get stuck in the state of leading with the ego. We are all brilliant in our own individual ways let that shine let that flourish let that be your detector of where you need to be. My posture comes from a brilliant shining star named Sherry, she is a fairly new teacher at our studio but she just gets it and there is no phoniness. She is absolutely stunning in all of her being and we are blessed to have her. So many beautiful talks this week with so many brilliant people that just made me think that we are all so very special. We all need a hub that will allow us to fly. I can attest as to many others that Two Souls Yoga has that light that allows you to stand free within your own spirit. That is our mission actually. I thank goodness for all the people that enter those doors each week. You are all my people, you help me and others see ourselves in such a different light. So thank you for that! Much Love Nicole xoxo


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  2. Leadership is both a role and a title/position. Many, though certainly not most, who have the title are poor leaders, some even toxic to the culture of their organization. Many who do not have the title, fulfill the role and lead by example. They are effective, first by knowing themselves and second by knowing those they lead. Best wishes as you continue your journey of healing and self-discovery.

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