Week #50 wow. As I plant my foot into the ground and grow tall like this beautiful tree I lean into it for support. You all have seen me grow tall and bloom into the exceptional being that I am. I know that you all have impacted and changed my life by all your beautifully chosen words each week you commented on where I was. I know you all have grown with me. I thank you for choosing and trusting in my words and my story, for all the support you have provided is so greatly appreciated. What a wonderful life we get to live. Each week I am realizing how precious this life really is and how intricately woven we are all together. As I say the word wonderful it peacefully reminds me of my dear mother who passed away in early November. I never used to say that word as I felt it was hers and now I find her moving through me as I play and use this word so delicately and with such awareness. This week brought such whimsical magical joyous feelings and moments that I can’t even express into words to paint a picture. As I have slowly moved myself back into teaching that I have missed so much I have so much to be thankful for. Even though some of those moments were filled with fear and some anxiety questioning whether I still had what it takes to be a good teacher. As this class is so warranted and needed amongst so many I feared not being good enough. I quickly got past those fears the moment I stepped on the mat and started to speak. Oh I remember this now so clearly as I spoke and dialed into source the words rolled off my tongue as I shared my story. The importance was magical, it was important, it was a place where people could be real and honest with themselves. It wasn’t only the new class this week but the ability to speak my words without fear. I lived for so long in a place of silence and now I challenge myself everyday to speak up, ask questions, clarify things, be real and raw, show my authenticity. This is for me, this stops my brain from spilling over of making assumptions and stories that aren’t real. This week I had the most wonderful experience of speaking my very first pod cast. What an exciting feeling to know that I was chosen as the first speaker. I had some really proud moments that made me realize how important my story really is, not only for me but for so many others that suffer in silence out there. I have risen to my calling in so many ways. That’s what they chose to call my pod cast, so powerful and real. Moving from a place of solitude and a comfortable career to a place where the flow of life is so much more natural. Finding your niche that brings you such happiness. A place of such joy and peace touching on all parts of my soul. How many people live a life of unhappiness or a place of comfort? We all have the opportunity to jump, to fly, to see beyond our capacity. What are you willing to risk? Are you willing to risk it all knowing fair well that there could be a possibility of failure or do you believe so deeply that there is no such things as failure? Failure is in the eyes of the beholder. Just something to think about. How comfortable are you right now with your life? The moment that we feel comfortable is the moment where you need change more than anything. The question is how bad do we want this life of peace, joy, love, happiness, excitement? Are you willing to risk it all? And that doesn’t have to mean money always it means are you willing to change your mindset. Are you willing to expand and grow in a different way without any restrictions that block that ability to explore and find yourself doing things you never thought you would do? This past year has been all that and so much more. I’ve tackled parts of my life and opened things I never expected. To this I am thankful, for this I feel the magic and whimsical feelings, for this I have taken the leap and jumped off the cliff and have found my wings in that time. As this week I prepared for my photo shoot I was thrilled and felt such joy as I got to put on makeup and sparkles, I felt like a fairy. My beautiful photographer April made me this gorgeous head piece. All I had to do was ask, use my words and I received. So many people were involved in making this picture happen this week. Dani picked me up and took me to her backyard that was fairly private while her husband Dan took out the kids sliding so we could have privacy. So many moving parts just so that this could be created. My first look at this picture had me WOWED. The picture I had in my mind came to life, so full of life. The greenery, the beautiful white snow, the headpiece, the tender loving care for me was exceptional. I am so thankful, I am so grateful. I also learnt this week what my love language was, mine is gifts and acts of service. My friend Jessica gave me an awesome water bottle with namaste on it and a hand written letter with such expressive and kind words it brought tears to my eyes. I appreciate the small things so much. The times when my husband cleans off my car before I go to work or cleans up the kitchen after supper when I need to rest. I notice all these little things that make such a big difference in my life. I challenge you to notice all the little things people do for you in your life. Can we receive and also deliver with pure intention in mind with no other ulterior motives? Pure acts of kindness that would make someone feel special. I say to you with a pure mind I love every time I get to share my thoughts, my happiness, my feelings and my insecurities as well. With so much love I hope and wish you all a beautiful weekend. Much Love Nicole xoxo

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