I went to Killarney yesterday and had an amazing day. Did a hike saw some waterfalls, got naked for a photo shoot. Another truly inspiring day for the books. I remember having a hard time trying to convince myself I wasn’t going to be judged for my body and how it looks now. Not even so much as someone catching us but more of the photographer judging me. It was hard but I listened to where it was coming from and I immediately let it go and the fear disappeared and I felt so liberated and free. These challenges are so much more than what we think they are and we need to dive down sometimes to find the root and lift it out properly. I have realized how far I have come and how much I have actually grown. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror next time and see beyond the outside layer of your skin. See compassion for yourself and tell yourself how much you appreciate what it does for you everyday. Love yourself just a little deeper.

Much Love Always,
Nicole xo

#Playfulness #wellness #selfcare #wellbeing #acceptance #healing


  1. What a beautiful message and photo. Yes we truly have to believe in ourselves and in the end be our own destiny. While we will always judge ourselves and our bodies harshly, others will not. With open mind we can and do draw strength and empowerment through our own nudity.

    Ms. K

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  2. It’s so wonderful to see that you can hike – it was so hard when last we were together to see the pain in your eyes just trying to stand. I’m so glad you are on the mend on all levels!

    Luv Nat


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  3. This spoke to me because I am extremely camera shy, and although I leave being naked, it can be hard to overcome the fears of being judged. When you are able to let go, even for a few minutes, it can be truly liberating and free. Love the photo setting. Naked in nature is so wonderful!!

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