These three words were the hardest for me to comprehend let alone say to myself. I saw such beauty in everything around me but myself. Knowing what I know now I was just around the corner to knowing it within myself if I could so easily see it in others there was just a block that needed to be moved out of the way. This self acceptance journey has been a difficult ride but such a rewarding one at the same time. To know deep down inside that what I see in others is truly what I see in myself is astonishing! Shocking to say the least. So when I talk about beauty it doesn’t mean just my physical appearance in this human body but so much more than that. It’s looking at yourself deep within your soul and seeing the reflection that in words is so difficult to describe. I am just a human body here to experience life in the physical form. That’s the way it works. My parents both now deceased have taught me more now than when they were alive. Well at least that’s what I feel anyways. I’ve just come to terms with so many things. Like understanding true forgiveness means you forgive yourself. Like you can only love others as deeply as you love yourself. Like this human experience is just that, a body here to walk your path to learning more and more about your soul. Like repairing the hurts and seeing the gratitude 🙏 for everything and everyone that I come across. The list just keeps going on and on and it’s them I have to be thankful for seeing and coming to realize all this. They were here both to teach me a lot and they succeeded at what they needed to do and they continue to teach me at the soul level. I am so grateful! Thank you mom and dad for teaching me how beautiful I really am. Don’t get me wrong the struggles are real and if you have followed any of my journey you will see I have had my fair share of trials and tribulations. I don’t come by these realizations without a great amount of events that have rocked my world. If your world isn’t rocking you aren’t living. It’s all I’m how you see these events, it’s all in how you process them, it’s all in how you choose to work them out. I am beautiful comes with a lot of living experience that was meant for me, my path and my journey through life here on this earth. Be brave my friends don’t be afraid to look inside. I never thought I’d get to the day where I knew I was beautiful. I can now dress this wonderful body that has carried me through so much with kindness and compassion. I can say I feel proud in who I am and what I represent. Shine brightly my dear friends. Be beautiful!

Much Love Always,

Nicole xo 😘

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